Following a short drive, our journey through time begins at the Sweathouses, the ancient corbelled “saunas” of yesteryear. Walking through a secret mountain valley in the Cooley hills, we pass through famine lazy beds and Booley sites, hearing of mountain survival. We arrive at the circular prehistoric village of Lisnachiggal, where farmers and their animals lived during the bronze age. As we return, listen to tales of legendary warrior Cu Chulainn and how his hurling “ Poc Fada” is celebrated annually on these hills. A truly off-the-beaten-track adventure!

  • Min-Max Number: 4-8.
  • Duration: 2.5 Hours.
  • Fitness Level: Basic to Moderate, river and forest tracks.
  • Price Per Person: €20.
  • Family rates (2 adults 2 children) €60.

Meeting place:  The Lumpers pub, Ravensdale.

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